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This page contains a list of relevant publications and other resources produced by members of the Greek in Italy group, as well as some useful links. Please note we are not responsible for external content.

For more complete publications lists, see the links on the “About Us” page.


Nicholas Zair (2016) Oscan in the Greek Alphabet, Cambridge University Press

Katherine McDonald (2015) Oscan in Southern Italy and Sicily: Evaluating Language Contact in a Fragmentary Corpus, Cambridge University Press

James Clackson (2015) Language and Society in the Greek and Roman Worlds, Key Themes in Ancient History, Cambridge University Press

James Clackson (ed.) (2011) A Companion to the Latin Language, Wiley-Blackwell.

Geoffrey Horrocks (2010) Greek: A History of the Language and its Speakers (revised and expanded 2nd edition), Wiley-Blackwell.

James Clackson and Geoffrey Horrocks (2007) The Blackwell History of the Latin Language, Wiley-Blackwell.

Book Chapters

Katherine McDonald and Nicholas Zair (forthcoming) “Changing script in a threatened language: Reactions to Romanisation at Bantia in the first century BC” in Mari Jones (ed.) Orthography Development for Endangered Languages, Cambridge University Press.

Katherine McDonald (2016) “Les langues de l’échange en Italie : artisans, monnaie et négociants dans la région osque méridionale” in Anne-Florence Baroni, Gwladys Bernard, Béatrice Le Teuff, Coline Ruiz Darasse (éds.) Échanger en Méditerranée: Acteurs, pratiques et normes dans les mondes anciens, Rennes: PUR: 127-142.

Katherine McDonald (2015) “Genres, Continuity and Adaptation in the Epigraphy of South Oscan” in Emmanuel Dupraz and Wojciech Sowa (eds.) Genres épigraphiques et langues d’attestation fragmentaire dans l’espace méditerranéen, Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre.

James Clackson (2014) “Local languages in Italy and the West” in Christer Braun and Jonathan Edmondson (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Roman Epigraphy, Oxford University Press: 699-720

Nicholas Zair (2013) “Individualism in ‘Osco-Greek’ orthography” in Esther-Miriam Wagner, Ben Outhwaite & Bettina Beinhoff (eds.) Scribes as Agents of Language Change, De Gruyter: 217-226.

James Clackson (2012) “Language maintenance and language shift” in Alex Mullen and Patrick James (eds.) Multilingualism in the Graeco-Roman Worlds, Cambridge University Press: 36-57.

James Clackson (2012) “Oscan in Sicily” in Olga Tribulato (ed.) Language and Linguistic Contact in Ancient Sicily, Cambridge University Press: 132-148.


Katherine McDonald, Livia Tagliapietra and Nicholas Zair (2015) “New readings of the multilingual Petelia curse tablet“, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 195: 157-165.

James Clackson (2015 [2013]) “Subgrouping In The Sabellian Branch Of Indo-European“, Transactions of the Philological Society 

Nicholas Zair (2014) “The future perfect in Oscan and Umbrian, and the ō-perfect in South Picene“, Transactions of the Philological Society 112: 367-85

Nicholas Zair (2014) “The treatment(s) of *-u- after a coronal in Oscan: dialect variation and chronology“,  Indo-European Linguistics 2: 112-25

Katherine McDonald and Nicholas Zair (2012) “Oscan ϝουρουστ and the Roccagloriosa law tablet“, Incontri Linguistici 35: 31-45.

Katherine McDonald (2012) “Do Personal Names in South Oscan show influence from Greek?” in Torsten Meißner (ed.) Personal Names in the Western Roman World, Studies in Classical and Comparative Onomastics 1, Berlin: Curach Bhán: 41-58.

Katherine McDonald (2012) “The Testament of Vibius Adiranus“, Journal of Roman Studies 102: 40-55

James Clackson (2002) “The writing of χσ and ϕσ for ξ and ψ”, Glotta 78: 22-35.

Digital Resources

Sabellian Corpus and Personal Names Spreadsheets

Searchable spreadsheets, created by Katherine McDonald to aid research on the Sabellian languages and onomastics. The spreadsheets themselves are password-protected: please email for the password.

Sabellian Corpus Metadata Spreadsheet

Notes for Use: Metadata Spreadsheet

Sabellian Corpus Personal Names

Notes for Use: Onomastics Spreadsheet

Other Blogs

Res Gerendae – a collaborative blog for the Classics grad students of the University of Cambridge – Katherine’s own research blog

Blogging Pompeii – a blog for all those who work on Pompeii and the other archaeological sites of the Bay of Naples

Kenodoxia – some thoughts, sometimes philosophical, by James Warren, a lecturer in ancient philosophy at the University of Cambridge

Ancient World Online – notice and comment on open access material relating to the ancient world

Language Log – blog on all aspects of language and linguistics

Links and Helpful Websites

Perseus Digital Library

PHI Searchable Greek Inscriptions

Early Indo-European Online

Lacus Curtius

Antiquity à-la-carte

ORBIS maps

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

The British School at Rome

Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge

Faculty of Classics, Cambridge


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