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Congratulations Katherine!

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One of the academic interests of the Greek in Italy project is movement and migration of people in the Ancient World, but we are about to come to terms with some displacement of our own. Katherine McDonald has just been appointed to a Lectureship in Classics at the University of Exeter, and will be taking up her post there from the 1st September 2016. We are delighted for Katherine – permanent academic jobs are difficult to come by, and her success in a very competitive selection process is a testament to her outstanding research. Katherine has many formidable qualities that will ensure her success in her new home. Indeed, she lives up to the picture of the ancient Greek oikistês presented by Robert Garland in his book Wandering Greeks, whose tool-set included ‘charisma, self-confidence, shrewdness, self-reliance and resourcefulness’. We will of course hugely miss her presence in Cambridge and her contribution to the intellectual and social life of the project team, but we are sure that we will remain as close as any Greek city to its apoikia, and we promise not to pelt her with missiles if she ever comes back to Cambridge, as Herodotus reports the Therans did to their returning colonists (4. 156). Katherine will continue to be closely involved with the work of the project, including our planned conference for next May. Congratulations Katherine, and thanks for everything!

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