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Sabellian Spreadsheets


A new digital resource is now available on our “Resources” page.

While several editions of the Sabellian texts are available (most recently Crawford (2011) Imagines Italicae and Rix (2002) Sabellische Texte), it’s not always easy to find a text quickly in these volumes. I’ve therefore put together two spreadsheets which make it easier to search for particular inscription numbers, particular inscription types, specified personal names found in the text, or other details. The full text of the inscriptions is not included, so obviously this resource does not replace the editions – it just makes the existing editions easier and quicker to use.

If you are using any inscriptions in Oscan, Umbrian or South Picene in your research, please check out the spreadsheets. Notes for their use are also included on the “Resources” page. For the time being, these spreadsheets are password-protected. Please email for the passwords, or to report any problems or errors.

2 thoughts on “Sabellian Spreadsheets

  1. I guess it might be interesting for the users of “Greek in Italy” to know the webgate Mnamon of the Normale University of Pisa, dedicated to ancient writing systems of the Mediterranean and the related electronic resources:

    Pages on Greek alphabets, Etruscans, Latin, Oscan, Umbrian and Venetic are currently online, and further arguments are forthcoming.

  2. Thanks, Daniele – that’s a great project! I’ll add a link on our Resources page soon.

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